Exclusive Test Group – Hammer and Chisel

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The time has come folks, I’m now taking names for my Hammer and Chisel exclusive TEST GROUP!!

By now, you’ve heard me rave about the upcoming release of the hottest new workout Hammer and Chisel. Created by master trainers Autumn Calabrese and Sagi Kalev. The two have teamed up and developed a program that is guaranteed to get you sculpted from head-to-toe in 60 days.

  • I have 10 spots open for the test group
  • We will order the program in the month of DECEMBER (official release is Dec. 1)
  • We will begin the 60 day test group on JANUARY 4th
  • workouts range from 25 mins to 40 mins

Want in on the radness? The requirements to participate in my EXCLUSIVE test group are:

  1. I must be your assigned coach. If you are not working with a coach already, that is great,  Just create a FREE account here.
  2. You commit to purchasing the Hammer and Chisel Challenge pack which includes the 60 day workout program, nutrition guide, program manual, schedule of workouts to follow and Shakeology. (discounted shipping and price)
  3. You must commit to being an active member of the online support and accountability group. You must be willing to show up every day, log your workout, rate your nutrition, and check in for accountability and support. In return, I am going to share with you how to meal plan, how to prep your meals, how to make it easy and simple to get results, I am going to help you with daily accountability, motivation, tips and tools to get you the BEST results possible!

Contact me now and mention TEST GROUP in your comment to find out more details and get your name on the list!



The Dangers of Sitting

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Mounting research continues to  reveal just how deadly the common activity of sitting can be. “More than one-half of an average person’s day is spent being sedentary — sitting, watching television or working at a computer,” Dr. David Alter, the study’s senior scientist at the University Health Network (UHN) in Toronto, said in a statement. “Our study finds that despite the health-enhancing benefits of physical activity, this alone may not be enough to reduce the risk for disease.”

Our friends at ASAP Science give us a 3 minute crash course on the damaging effects of being sedentary. It’s a real eye opener! Check them out!!


Fantasy Fitness League 2015

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It’s football season again and to celebrate I’m co-hosting a football inspired Team Challenge Group!!

You pick your fitness program and get me as your coach for 35 days, strategically pushing you to crush your goals. I’m also including some fun friendly competition with dope giveaways for my awesome challengers!! You don’t want to miss these prizes!!

The FANTASY FITNESS LEAGUE 2015 begins September 21st so get your team spot now!!! If you’re down for fun and being a better you in 35 days, shoot me a message or leave your email in a comment below and I’ll give you a shout with all the details! Bring your best game!!!

Fantasy Fitness